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Jurassic Street Tacos

Tacos from Sinaloa style just come and eat
Jurassic Street Taco Logo

Jurassic Street Tacos

Tacos from Sinaloa style just come and eat

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We Cater, let’s Taco About it!

Package 1

$1.95 Per Taco

400 Taco Minimum

Package 2

All you can eat Tacos!

$11.95 Per Person

75 People Minimum

Package 3

Regular Menu, Regular Prices

Between $9 - $14 Per Person

Package 4

3-4 Taco's per person +
Chips and Salsa

$10.50 Per Person

65 People Minimum

About Jurassic Street Tacos

Here at Jurassic Street Tacos, we make sure our Tacos are the most delicious, biggest, and most talked about in all of Utah! We would like to take a moment to say thank you for all our wonderful customers who follow us where ever we go each day.

Best Tacos Ever!

“Best tacos ever!! Seriously worth finding them for the tacos”

...best tacos I've ever had

“Literally the best tacos I’ve ever had. Every time they’re near me I have to go.”

...These tacos are killer!

These tacos are killer. I love all street tacos but the quality of the meats (both steak and chicken) and the quantity they use is unreal. I love the toppings and have started doing cubed cucumbers and pickled red onions myself at home just because they are so good. I am not able to completely match what Jurassic does, but I try nonetheless. I love this truck

Amazing street tacos!

“Amazing street tacos! We love when they come to our work!”

...I will be following this truck for real!

Aweseom tacos! I just moved here from Louisville and had my fav taco truck there called @HolyMolyTacos! I never thought I would have tacos like that again  . Jurassic Street Tacos is a great comparison now that I leave in the SLC area… I will be following this truck for real!

...Excellent carne asada and pollo asado tacos

“Excellent carne asada and pollo asado tacos. I will likely still go other places because I love salsa (fresca) and not just hot sauce on my tacos. Still, extremely tasty and worth the short drive to where they were today, plus waiting around for 5 minutes to order and 10ish minutes to get my food (I got there just before noon, I assume it would have been much less busy later).”

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